Duplex Steel Gate Valves

Duplex Steel Gate Valves


We are developed Duplex steel Gate valves in all power ratings from 150 psi to 15000 psi. We supply full port, plummeting port duplex steel Gate valves in design of two way, three mode and four mode ball valves. The reason of Duplex Steel Gate Valves is mainly considered to begin or discontinue stream, and when a directly-line stream of fluid and least flow restraint is desired. understanding of decade to make tall superiority valves for unlike purpose areas have win us the standing of important producer and exporter of industrial valvesDuplex steel valves are through from unusual alloy to effort in sarcastic circumstances. For some request copper is additional. A gate valve, also known as a clean valve, is a valve that open by exciting a surrounding or rectangular gate of the trail of the liquid. We have all sufficient developed services and strictly taught personnel to manufacture excellence valves under strict excellence declaration plan.


  • Robust building.
  • Perfect seal.
  • Corrosion fight.

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