CI Butterfly Valves

CI Butterfly Valves

CI butterfly ValvesOur arrangement of CI butterfly valves is manufactured according to universal standard. It is tried on fluctuated parameters set by industry. We have likewise made set ups for the testing of throwing and producing. All aspects of valve body is gone through cruel checking at all generation levels. It works with smooth way by offering negligible operation torque with cutting edge plan. It offers better stream control.

The circle plan of this valve guarantees smooth straight stream, in this manner weight drop over the valve is extremely insignificant. Our FLOEC CI Butterfly Valves are generally connected for controlling the stream of liquids by means of a progression of channels.  They are useful for an assortment of mechanical operations. We alter pneumatically and electrically worked Valves as indicated by the prerequisites of our clients. They are decisively dimensioned and have high elasticity. They offer elite and are hard-wearing. It works with smooth way by offering negligible operation torque with cutting edge plan. It offers better stream control.

Ball Valve

Ball Valve Manufacturer

Ball Valve ManufacturerA Ball Valve is a type of quarter-turn valve which uses an empty, perforate and turn ball to control flow through it. It is open while the ball’s hole is in line with the flow and closed when it is turn 90-degrees by the valve handle. Ball Valves are designed and manufactured in accord with latest global standards like API 6D and BS 5351 to offer highest protection, competence and stability. Ball Valve is accessible with standard size of 15 NB to 300 NB and pressure rating ANSI and BS 150#, 300# and 600#. Three Piece and Two Piece design Ball Valves make sure competence, consistency and economy. Ball valves are robust, performing well after many cycles, and consistent, closing firmly even after long periods of disuse.

Duplex Steel Gate Valves

Duplex Steel Gate Valves


We are developed Duplex steel Gate valves in all power ratings from 150 psi to 15000 psi. We supply full port, plummeting port duplex steel Gate valves in design of two way, three mode and four mode ball valves. The reason of Duplex Steel Gate Valves is mainly considered to begin or discontinue stream, and when a directly-line stream of fluid and least flow restraint is desired. understanding of decade to make tall superiority valves for unlike purpose areas have win us the standing of important producer and exporter of industrial valvesDuplex steel valves are through from unusual alloy to effort in sarcastic circumstances. For some request copper is additional. A gate valve, also known as a clean valve, is a valve that open by exciting a surrounding or rectangular gate of the trail of the liquid. We have all sufficient developed services and strictly taught personnel to manufacture excellence valves under strict excellence declaration plan.


  • Robust building.
  • Perfect seal.
  • Corrosion fight.

Dual Plate Check Valves

Dual Plate Check Valves manufacturer


We have in lay up an immaculate variety of shed dual plate check valve for our appreciated customers. We would similar to to be reminiscent you that the Dual plate check valve necessity also be reserved away from the shut-off Butterfly valve in organize to circumvent that the latter’s opportunity might chunk its process and overthrow its security.The twice plates of the dual plate check valve are usually support by spring which allocate process in any location. equipment of the Dual plate check valve in system must forever be approved out attitude in intelligence that the act of the liquid on the two components should be consistently dispersed .The design of Dual Plate Check Valves divide the sum force in partially, since each salver cover simply one half the area of a sway disc. The team at all times reside in alter with the changing development and rarely fails in pending up with exceptional solution consistently.


  • most efficient & adaptable design.
  • suitable for low-rapidity application with irregular rapidity reversals.

Knife Gate Valve

Basic Structure of Knife Gate Valves And How to Use it?

uni directional knife gate valve dn 200

Knife gate valves be primarily intended for concern in the fleshy tissue and paper manufacturing,  where dampen include huge amount of solids in appearance of leathery tissue. classic Gate valves are intended to be completely open or close. They are obtainable in big size to improved lever wide flood. utilize a intelligent, beveled boundary, a knife gate be preferably intended to cut during the sinewy pulp encounter in the mash and article industry. since of the variety of manufacture equipment, neat assistance, and drawing combination obtainable with gate valves, they are suitable for make use of in a extensive diversity of application. department valve frequently recognized as a knife gate valve is use to cut in the course of the fluid.